Dr. Jessica Leigh Levin

Author | Speaker

As a Master Connector and student of people,  Jessica shares her expertise and experiences through writing and speaking.

Her books are available on Amazon and Audible. 

BEing When You Grow Up

In "BEing When You Grow Up," Jessica Leigh Levin takes readers on a hilarious and relatable journey through the ups and downs of choosing a career, changing paths, and embracing the art of being present. With her approachable voice and witty storytelling, she invites readers to navigate the ever-changing landscape of adulthood with grace and humor.

From her early days as a dreamy-eyed child pondering the infinite possibilities of what she could be when she grew up, to her comical encounters with misguided career choices, Jessica shares candid anecdotes and valuable lessons. Through her own experiences of failure and personal growth, she encourages readers to embrace the messy and unpredictable nature of life.

This book is not your typical career guide. Instead, it's a refreshingly honest exploration of the often bewildering world of work. With a lighthearted touch, Jessica dives into the triumphs and setbacks she encountered on her professional journey, reminding us all that it's okay to stumble and make mistakes.

"BEing When You Grow Up" offers practical advice and insights to help readers navigate the complexities of career choices and changes. It serves as a reminder that success is not solely measured by job titles or salary figures, but by the joy and fulfillment we find in our daily lives. Jessica's relatable approach will leave you laughing, inspired, and armed with the tools to embrace the beautiful chaos of adulthood.

Whether you're a recent graduate uncertain about your next step or a seasoned professional considering a major career shift, this book will resonate with you. With equal parts humor and heart, "BEing When You Grow Up" is a delightful read that encourages readers to find their own path, fail forward, and truly be present in the journey of life.

Everyone Has Sh*t: Unsolicted Advice for Being Human

Practical advice. Raw honesty. A sprinkle of charming sarcasm. Everyone Has Sh*t is everyone’s story told through a combination of scientific research, authentic examples and personal insight. In her second book, Levin illustrates that a positive spirit, kindness, common sense and a little help from our friends are the tools you need to manage everyday life. Her down-to-earth style is engaging and realistic as she directly tackles sensitive issues with compassion. This isn’t a book about how to live the perfect existence. Instead, it’s a guide to rolling with the punches while keeping your sense of humor intact, relationships in check and most importantly, taking care of yourself. Unsolicited or not, this book is a roadmap to navigating life as a human being.

Everyone Has Reviews

Jessica is authentic & honest as usual (as you can tell by the title). Great read to see common sense advice staring you in the face. Good reminders to bring you back down to earth and refocus on what’s important. I highlighted several parts as I was reading – here’s one of my favorites – “Focusing on what you want, but more importantly, releasing the resistance. Positivity alone isn’t enough. It’s that release – the abolishment of negative thoughts, or the walls that we put up – that’s where the magic happens. When you can master this, the goodness flows like a chocolate fountain at a bar mitzvah.”

— Carolyn Browning, MEETing Needs, LLC

Want an action-driven plan for getting through the worst that life might just have to offer? Jessica Levin’s second book, Everyone Has Sh*t: Unsolicited Advice for Being Human, does just that. Blending interviews with personal stories, accounts of success and heartbreak, and chapter-end lists of actionable steps to help deal with sh*t or overcome it, Levin lifts the hood on the social veneer that keeps us all presentable in society. The result is an honest account how to deal with the very personal challenges of self-confidence, disappointing relationships, and self-serving advice by others. Life is not easy, Levin explains. But there are ways of dealing with hardship that lets us keep our heads high as we walk through life. In other words, her book is a very worthwhile read.

— Jay Lemming, Author

“Everyone Has Sh*t: Unsolicited Advice for Being Human” is one of the few books that as soon as I started reading it – I couldn’t stop! Not only does Jessica give real-life examples that show just how much sh*t we all deal with but she gives great advice on how to deal with it in a practical and HUMAN way. Your sh*t may be different from hers or mine, but we all have to deal with it. This book was a refreshing and humorous look at how we can all better ourselves along the journey. I highly recommend reading it yourself and maybe a few copies for friends that may need a little encouragement.

— Lynette Young, Author, Keynote Speaker

Perfect Pairings: The Art of Connecting People

Connecting Is A Calling That Must Be Answered

How much do you know about connecting people?   What steps should you take to build your network and enrich your life and those of others – both professionally and personally?  This book can help, whether you are a professional trying to grow your business,  a student trying to meet potential employers – or even if you are looking for your “happily ever after.”

In Perfect Pairings, Jessica Levin, President and Chief Connector at Seven Degrees Communications presents her recipe for creating successful and fulfilling relationships and expanding your circle of influence.  With easy-to-understand chapters full of stories from her experience as well as true-to-life examples from professionals of various industries, this book teaches you:

  • Connecting is a calling
  • Few acts bring more satisfaction and joy to a person than helping others
  • Networking is more than passing out business cards
  • Anyone and everyone can be a connector
  • You might already be a connector (and not even realize it)
  • Even shy people can be master connectors

Don’t wait to read this book until somebody tells you that you need it; start connecting now and create your own blueprint for happiness and success.

Perfect Pairings Reviewed

Jessica strikes the difference between “networking” versus “connecting,” two entirely different approaches to developing relationships. She profiles multiple influential connectors that live with a purpose, inspiring the reader to break free from their shell and practice the art. If one connection can change your life, so can one book. -

— Eric Majchrzak, BeachFleischman PC

What a great book! Jessica Levin’s Perfect Pairings takes the critical yet elusive concept of networking and makes it simple to execute. She transforms an art (and what many people feel is only successfully done by extraverts) into an achievable asset for your business and personal arsenal. Through the stories of her own personal experiences, along with simple to follow action items, she makes the art of networking achievable for everyone.

While reading the book, you can understand why Jessica is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also why people want to know and be around her.  The book is proof that networking is not for extroverts only.  It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to advance their career and become that essential “connector” who enriches people’s lives.

— James Spellos, Meeting U

Like peanut butter and jelly, Jessica Levin has created the perfect pairing of practical insights and real-life experiences on the art, craft and skill of connecting people. Levin, an extraordinary conduit herself, informs readers how to develop extraordinary partnerships, even sometimes with unlikely allies that move everyone forward together. More than a book on networking, Levin discusses the “ins and outs” of developing the aptitude and capacity to build, cultivate and influence important relationships.

— Jeff Hurt, Empowered Epiphanies