General Business Consulting

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to offer creativity and to look at a situation in a new light.  Our clients trust us to give straightforward advice and bring new ideas to their businesses and associations.

We Help BusinessesExpand & GrowOperate More EfficientlyIncrease ProfitsBuild Relationships

Nurturing.  Mentoring. Direct.  This is how we approach consulting.   Everything we do is based on the foundation of building relationships and helping others embrace the art of connecting.  When we work with you, we bring over two decades of experience working with businesses and individuals on marketing and business operations.  We leverage that experience and share creative ideas, even in difficult situations.

Strategic Planning

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help you see your strengths (and maybe even your weaknesses). Our strategic marketing planning services help organizations figure out their core competencies, what their long-term goals are and then we help you create tactics to help increase your sales, grow your membership or achieve whatever objectives are important to you.

We facilitate retreats, assist with visioning and give you the tools that you need to better serve your target market.

In some cases our clients need someone who can serve as an extension of their team and act as an outsourced marketing director. If you think this is the direction that your company needs to go in, we would love to be a part of your team.

Focus Groups

We all get close to our businesses and see things through a certain lens. Sometimes we discover that our perception of our organization and its products and services do not quite match up to the views of clients, prospects and members.

Conducting a focus group is an excellent way to assess your market standing and discover opportunities. We facilitate focus groups and help you analyze and act on the results. If required, in addition to simply running the discussion, we coordinate all aspects for you including venue selection, compensation and attendee selection.

Want to learn about what your customers really think?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is not just a buzzword. It’s a critical part of business strategy that matters to customers, employees and the community in which you operate. CSR is a strategy and not something just to check off a to-do list. CSR initiatives can have a positive and powerful impact on your company and the world at large.

We work with businesses, associations and events to develop CSR strategies that leverage the strengths of your organization to make a real impact. We assist in using your collective wisdom to solve societal challenges and use your resources to develop that ideas that change perspectives and the world.