Seven Degrees was built on the foundation of helping people connect to one another. Our business development coaching is designed for individuals who work in the corporate world, play in the association arena or wear the hat of an entrepreneur. We perform this service nationally and internationally as we use Zoom to communicate with clients who may not be in our local markets. For larger groups, we offer lunch-n-learn style sessions as well as longer workshops.

Business Development Training & Coaching

Our approach is to combine traditional networking techniques with online tactics. We start with building you a road map for development that is based on your goals. We then work with you on a regular basis to help to reach your goals through our ongoing coaching program.

How We Can Help Your Business


New Business Start-up

The Benefits:

Ready to start a business and need help on the next steps?  We can coach you through the process and provide marketing and business development advice to guide you through the first few months as an entrepreneur.


Professional Development

The Benefits:

Have a team that needs guidance to develop them into real professionals?  Our mentoring-style helps identify strengths and weaknesses, working with individuals as they navigate the business environment.


Business Development Plans

The Benefits:

Are you are your team members struggling with business development?  We can help identify the best places to spend your time and support you as you build connections of your own.


Soft Skills Plans

The Benefits:

Everyone has unique personalities and experiences.  We can develop soft skills training plans that give each person the tools they need to succeed in your organization.