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Outsourcing- A New Model of Executive Leadership

In today’s changing business world, outsourcing at the executive level is becoming more and more common. With an increasing number of companies rejecting traditional office setups, and instead choosing to inhabit co-working spaces or even create virtual firms, the idea of developing core teams and bringing in go-to partners as needed is already becoming a common practice.

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In this new E-book, you will learn:

Why outsourcing is on the rise

What it means to outsource at the executive level

What fractional leadership is and the functions they provide

The nature of this relationship from a financial perspective, and how it plays out in terms of meetings, reporting and decision-making

How your organization can benefit from an outsourced executive leader

The important qualities to look for in a fractional leader

By the time you finish reading the E-book, you should be in the ideal position to know whether or not an “executive for hire” is the correct solution for you and your business.

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