2010: A Group Discussion

November 25, 2009

McCurry’s Corner continues the discussion that was started on Google Wave. This time the team of experts addressed the question “What Priority Should Event Professionals Focus on in 2010?”

After participating in the conversation and reading the synopsis, my mind continued to wander. All business must look towards 2010 with an emphasis on creative, effective uses of technology while paying close attention to the bottom line. The value of time will continue to become more important as our resources (and the resources of our constituents) remain limited. Assuming that the economy will be sluggish, we will be challenged to work in ways that we have never imagined.

For those in the meetings profession, this is a unique and exciting opportunity to redefine what it means to convene. We are beyond the days of administration. While menu selection and travel arrangements may still be an important job of planner, the ability to shape the direction and manner in which attendees learn is where planner can truly add value.

I think we all know that there will still be some bumps in the road through 2010. I look at these obstacles as motivation to tap into innovation and reinvent the meeting as we know it.