Lessons from Being Named Volunteer of the Year.

July 8, 2015

As someone who works with membership organizations, I am a huge proponent of volunteerism.   Understanding that people are the lifeblood of associations and charitable organizations, volunteering is what makes them run and impact the world.  Sure, many organizations have full-time staff that take care of operations and high-level strategy, but in order for members…

Seven Degrees to a Perfect Pairing: Infographic

June 4, 2015

Connections are everywhere— on Twitter, sitting beside you on the train, at the receptionist desk at your local gym— close your eyes and reflect on the last connection you have made. How can you help that person? How has that person helped you?  Connections are everywhere and so are opportunities. The Perfect Pairings Infographic shares seven key…

Who Are You Giving Your Foul Ball To?

September 8, 2014

Last night I read a discussion on Facebook that had to do with a rant about giving free consulting time. People are always asking consultants to pick their brain for a few minutes.  The bigger your network and your brand, the more you get asked to dish out free advice. This happens to me pretty…

Operation: Network – Take Our Survey

September 3, 2014

We spend a lot of time thinking and talking about networking. On special days, we obsess about it.  Networking is a large part of the Seven Degrees Communications DNA.   So after many years of studying networking habits, we have designed our research project on the topic of networking. Operation: Network is our attempt to collect information…

“How Can I Help You” Is a Mind Set.

March 31, 2014

I’m lucky. I had the chance, early in my career, to witness the concept of “pay it forward” in action. My mentors demonstrated how to be a resource; how to be the person someone calls when they need to know where to buy tires. Since then, I have incorporated the lessons that I learned into…