Being a Friend.

September 6, 2011

If you read my blog on a regular basis then you know that I often write about relationships. I usually talk about them in the context of business and helping others for mutual benefit. After all, that is what makes the world go ’round. This post is not about business. It is just a general reminder and a gentle nudge about being kind to others.

Over the last week or so I have had a few encounters that reminded me that sometimes you need to simply be kind because it feels good. Your karma will thank you.

I’ve been watching an old friend go through some tough times via Facebook. It’s funny how we have learned to use social media as an outlet for sharing our emotions. For some people it’s an easy way to be heard when we think that no one is listening. For people who are new to social media, it can seem odd and out of place. And if you are using it for business, sharing emotions may not be appropriate. However, if you are simply in a need of a friend, you never know when someone is listening.

After passively watching my friend struggle, I decided to jump in and help. You may ask yourself, why would you want to get involved in someone else’s drama? The answer is that I don’t. I just recognized a need and realized that I can help. I’m am simply doing some research to get my friend some assistance that he needs and doing something for him that he can’t do for himself.  And I should have done it sooner.  We all get so involved in our lives and want to keep things simple. Sometimes we all need to remember that it can take just a few minutes to make a difference.

I am really fortunate. I have people in my life who have been incredibly supportive. Friends who have helped me professionally for reasons that I don’t understand. I have friends who are cheerleaders and help to keep me on track when I want to run in the other direction. I have friends who support me in my personal life even when I make the same mistakes over and over again. And I have friends who tell me they will still love me even if I don’t listen to the advice that I should be listening to. Friendship is a powerful and amazing thing.

I travel a lot and I meet a lot of new people. I generally leave places with a handful of new connections. This summer was exceptionally great as I met a few people who are so fun, kind and special.  There are days that I wake up and wonder how I can be living such an amazing life with such amazing people in it. And it reminds me that I need to work at being as good of a friend to them as they have been to me.

To my friends who are new, or to those of you who have known me since I before…oh you know, a long time, I thank you. For anyone reading this, take the time to be a friend to someone who might need it right now.  Even if  you don’t think that they necessarily deserve it.  And if you need me to be a friend, I hope that I don’t let you down.