Meetings & Events

Using Pinterest for Events

January 30, 2012

Warning: Pinterest is addictive. Pinterest is the latest social networking site to become mainstream.  Similar to a bulletin board which you might have hanging at home or in the office, Pinterest allows you to digitally pin items that you like to online boards and share them with your followers.  Pinterest connects to Facebook to make…

Super Bowl Your Event Marketing Efforts.

January 25, 2012

Here in New Jersey, there is a a lot of excitement in the air as The Giants prepare for SuperBowl XLVI. Other than some debate about whether they are the New York Giants or the New Jersey Giants, there is no doubt that the Tri-State is hoping for a win from Big Blue.  At the…

Doing diversity at your conference. A message to #eventprofs.

December 22, 2011

Today I read a blog that really struck home. Many of you probably know that in addition to my Sr Tech role at 7D, I’m also the co-founder of an audiovisual staging business. I would estimate that 90% of this industry is comprised of men. So far I’m the only woman-owned and operated business of…

Interviewing Conference Speakers Via Skype

December 19, 2011

Hiring speakers for meetings and conventions can be expensive. Good speakers cost good money.  As a professional speaker, I understand that it’s important to pay speakers what they are worth as their time is valuable. However, as an event planner, asking speakers to provide value back to the organization is a good practice. When you…

Committees and How to Make Them Not Work.

December 9, 2011

This week Midori and I had the honor of facilitating a meeting for a group of association education directors.  One of their challenges is getting feedback from committees. This problem is not unique to this group. If you have ever served as volunteer you know that the dynamics are always interesting.  There are the people…