Decidedly NOT Out-of-the-Office: Midori and Jessica hard at work!

November 23, 2011

Well, Thanksgiving is upon us and Jessica has been writing a couple of really nice inspirational posts this week. However, we have mostly had our nose to the grindstone (I guess that’s a collective nose?), rapidly cranking out presentations, client events and event engagement strategies. While we will pause for a quick golf game, extended meal and time with friends and family over the next few days, we are always on, always creating, always daydreaming. Our work is so fun and deeply ingrained into who we are that it would be almost sad to shut it off!

On that note, in case you’ve missed some of this recent work, or would like to catch us at upcoming events, here’s a quick overview of some resources we’re delighted to share!

Using Strategy to Overcome Social Media Fatigue Webinar: Meeting Professionals International (FREE to members, $25 as part of Connect, or $50 to non-members). In this webinar, we really did a deep dive into how to manage strategy in order to cool your social media burnout.

Get Butts Out of Seats and Put the Mind in Motion

This is a presentation made at IMEX America, which really explored some of the major tenets that fuel Jessica and I’s passion for re-imagining events. Particularly the conference formula that generates my vegetarian mushroom and rice lunches.

(Upcoming and FREE) PCMA Webinar – Twitter 201: Maximization for Events

We will present this webinar on 12/1. The focus is to move beyond Twitter basics and explore some of the best tools and tactics for using Twitter at events. In February we will follow this presentation with an advanced look at using Facebook for events.

(Upcoming and FREE) Capture, Connect and Communicate with Content Marketing

On 12/19, we will talk about the best strategies for content marketing. We will define what content marketing means and will discuss ways that you can implement a strategy for your association. From types of content to the methods of distribution, the presentation will showcase the most necessary ingredients for a successful content marketing recipe.

As two of the hardest working girls in the biz, we make sure that every presentation or educational program we facilitate is fun, interactive and rewarding for all stakeholders – somehow it never feels like work. It’s what fuels our jets and keeps us moving forward…we invite you to travel onward and upward with us!