Filling Your Basket With Good Karma

April 6, 2012

What's in your basket?

Yesterday, I saw a post from a friend who needed some good vibes sent his way. The funny thing about this friend is that I was introduced to him through another mutual friend and we have never met. However, when he needed a dose of good juju, I was happy to toss some positive thoughts his way. I mean, how hard is it to let someone know that you are listening and that they are in your prayers. I know that when I have needed karma/prayers/encouragement/sanity, I have reached out to my online family (often via Facebook) and have received a solid dose of support.

We often look to social media as a business tool. What will it do TODAY to advance my business. How can I communicate a message about my industry to my network so that it adds value and demonstrates expertise? Am I on point? Is my message generating ROI?

Sometimes social media is not about what your message does for business, but how the people in your network improve your existence and support you so that you can do your best in business and in life.

Seven Ways To Fill Your Basket With Good Karma

  1. Be Positive.  I see a lot of “Negative Nelly” posts.  It’s okay to vent from time to time, but no one wants to be brought down by bad juju.
  2. Congratulate people.  Everyone like to be supported whether it’s a new job, personal accomplishment or even a birthday. Wishing people well feels good and can make someone’s day.
  3. Give a Shoutout. If someone does something great or even if you just had a great lunch with them, let them know.
  4. Be Helpful. If you see someone has a problem, offer help. It might be that they need a new hairdresser or they might be having a rough time. If you can make their life a little easier, why not do it?
  5. Make people laugh. No explanation needed.
  6. Share pretty things.  If you see something of beauty, share it with others. Photos, quotes or simple observations can impact people in the most unexpected ways.
  7. Be Nice. Because mean people suck.

Have a great holiday weekend. Whether you are expecting a visit from the Easter bunny or from Elijah, enjoy your family and friends and take some time to be good to others.