All That Is Good In The World.

September 11, 2014

Good worldToday, September 11th, is a day of reflection for many people. While I remember the day back in 2001 vividly, I was not directly impacted by it. For that I am grateful. Today, as I see so many people share their stories, it is another reminder of why it is important to be reflective every day, not just today.

We are in a scary time in the world. There are some really hard issues that people are dealing with. From economic hardships, to worldwide violence, to the unmentioned, and private struggles.

And yet, there is good. I am so very blessed to have a community of people in my life who support me. To see people sharing their “things to be grateful for” messages is uplifting. To see things like the ALS Challenge and how good it has done for an organization that needed a boost is inspiring. (This one is dearer to my heart as I watched my grandfather suffer from the disease.) What I see is people trying. People trying to help one another. People trying to do good. People trying to make the world a better place. With all of the really crappy stuff going on, there are great big bunches of good in the world.

For the people who are so incredibly generous to me, I thank you.

Today, I ask my community to go out there. And make a difference. Surprise a friend. Help a family member. Change the world of a stranger. Today, continue to be all that is good in the world.