Inspirity: Easy Mobile-Friendly Websites in Minutes.

July 11, 2014

Mobile Website

Our website after being run through Inspirity.

I have a lot of clients who are waiting for the perfect time to make their websites mobile-friendly. As much as they know that they need to do it, they just aren’t ready to make the change.   To be honest, even the 7DC site didn’t look great on mobile devices until we redesigned our site a few months ago and added a responsive component. The truth is that converting an older website to be mobile-friendly isn’t the easiest tasks.  Many old websites are built on proprietary platforms that are not easy to edit.  Because there is an expense that comes long with website redesign (not to mention the time to decide what you want and to get everyone on board with a new look), many people put off optimizing their website for Smartphones and tablets.

Because of this challenge, I was thrilled to learn about Inspirity.  This is a subscription-based program that converts a website into a mobile site in seconds. For about $10/month, you get a fully-hosted website without any work.  You don’t need to get your programmers involved and you don’t need to change hosting companies.  It’s really simple and I was pretty impressed with the results. Keeping in mind that this is different than a mobile app, you are not creating a downloadable tool.  This is for people who are accessing the internet using a browser such as Chrome or Safari from their smartphone or tablet.  Inspirity creates an abbreviated version of the site that is simple to navigate and has minimal graphics – making it readable on a small screen. Inspirity isn’t a permanent solution as a website design will most likely come with a responsive design. However, for businesses who want to make a quick change, this is a darn good solution.

Do you have  a site that is mobile-UNfriendly?  Why have you waited to make the switch? Are you comfortable with the way it looks for are you anxious for a change.  Let us know where you stand.