Is Your House Clean?

November 26, 2017

If I knocked on your door right now, would you let me in? I mean, let’s assume we know each other, I am a friend. However, I just stopped by unannounced.

Would you panic because the house is a mess? Because the kids have toys everywhere?

Or…would you let me in and not give it another thought? Is that because it’s clean enough to eat off of the floors or is it because you don’t really care if there is shit all over the place. You’re busy. You have a life. And you know that your housekeeping skills are not a character trait.

Sometimes, or often, we place value on what other people think about us. Whether it is how clean our floors are, what we wear or expressing what we really want out of life. Why is it that we care?

There are consequences for our opinions and actions. People will judge us. They may gossip about us. You cannot stop that. You can choose how you handle it. You can shrug it off and embrace who you are or you can let it bother you for days. You have a choice.

Here’s my secret. If you come over to my house, it will likely be clean. I probably also ran around before your arrival tossing laundry into the wash and shoving things in closets. It’s because I care what I think. You gave me an excuse to get my home the way I like it. So really, you aren’t judging me. I am.

We really all have shit we deal with. And that’s OK.