Karma Online and In Real-Life

January 20, 2011

If you read my 8th grade yearbook, you will see that someone wrote me a note that said “you’re a nice girl, but you are really negative.” For many years I saw the glass as half empty. I can’t exactly say when it changed, but over time I realized the power of positive thinking. I found that the happier I felt, the nicer I was to other people, the better my life got. Good things happened.

Like everyone, I’ve had my ups and downs, but lately things in my life have been great. I can honestly say that I am happier now than I have ever been. Not only am I happy, but I try to make others happy. The more this happens, the better things get.

Yesterday I did a presentation on social media with my friend Andrew Rose. Andrew is a master networker, one of the best connectors of people and he happens to know a thing or two about marketing. When we ended our presentation he brought up karma and reminded the audience how they can do a few nice things for others. Here is a list of some things that Andrew shared and a few of my own suggestions. Some of these are social media related, some are not.
1. Surprise someone and write them a recommendation on LinkedIn when they don’t expect it.
2. Pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbucks.
3. Mention someone on Twitter or give them a compliment. If they are new to Twitter, suggest that people follow them and make them feel welcome.
4. Mention someone in your Facebook post. Andrew does this all of the time and makes everyone feel like a rockstar.
5. At a networking event, talk to the person that seems lost. They are probably shy and could use a friend.
6. Don’t steal content from other people (or Andrew will hunt you down and sue you). If you read something that someone wrote and you like it, give them credit.
7. Smile at the cranky old woman that works at Walgreens. She’s not mean, just lonely.
8. Promote your competitors.
9. Introduce good people to other good people.
10. Smile. It makes you feel good.
11. Donate to charity. Just because.

I’m thankful to Michael from the 8th grade for pointing out my flaw. It’ not always easy to be positive, to smile and to proactively help others. It takes work. For me, the rewards are endless…in social media and in real life.