Making Changes.

September 22, 2011

Don't miss the next exit. You don't know where it will lead you.

Yesterday I walked into the Walgreens across from my house and it was different. The paper towels were on the complete other side from where I was used to finding them. So was the toothpaste. Because it is so close to my house, I stop in a few times a week to pick up household essentials. When I first discovered the change I got upset. It quickly passed as I realized that the new layout was more efficient. When I arrived home from my shopping trip I discovered that my mailbox had been turned around. I have lived in my condo for nearly eight years so it was a surprise to find the door to the mail was on the other side. I thought to myself, shouldn’t it have always been that way so that the mail carrier didn’t have to get out. I guess it took them 20 years to figure that one out.

After witnessing change around me, I stumbled upon Facebook and noticed the overwhelming hatred toward the changes that Facebook pushed out yesterday. Yes, hatred.  Wow, I thought. People are really passionate about this. I’ve been on Facebook for four years and have seen it evolve. I use it everyday and appreciate the fact that I can access my friends and build relationships for free. Yep, the last time that I checked, we don’t pay for it.

This post isn’t about Facebook. It’s about change. Technology is changing the world. We get information faster, more accurately and more conveniently than ever before. Technology is usable and the cost is decreasing all the time. We wait in line for the newest toys with the latest upgrades.  We can attend our kid’s soccer games without missing an important client call (or so I’ve heard). We can compare prices in the grocery store to make sure that we are getting the right price. My grandparents can Skype with my nephew in Florida and my sister in Australia – for free. I met a couple who Skyped their wedding to family who were unable to travel. Yes, technology makes our life easier and to do this it must change.

I try to make myself better everyday. I try to learn one new thing a day, try reading something I wouldn’t have normally read and I try to have a conversation with someone new. These are all forms of change.

Change is mostly good. People work hard to try to improve things for YOU. In general, they are authentic about it and don’t create change to do harm. So the next time you say that you “hate” something new, ask yourself what you can change in your life. Maybe you will use the word “hate” less. Maybe you will invent the “next Facebook.” Maybe you will put down the laptop and go for a run. How’s that for change?

Thoughts? Reactions?  Let’s discuss change.

P.S. I LOVE the new Facebook.