Midori Connolly Joins Seven Degrees As Senior Technology Advisor

April 11, 2011

If you read this blog, you have probably seen Midori Connolly mentioned once or twice or a bzillion times. She is my speaking partner, my friend and now my Senior Technology Advisor.

When I started Seven Degrees, it happened by accident. I had a client before I had a company. As the company began to grow, Midori and I began to collaborate more and more.  With all of the brainstorming and idea sharing that we do, it seemed natural for Midori to have a formal role in the company. Not only is she a good fit, but I need her. I always wanted to have my own company, but it gets lonely. Having a partner allows me to provide better service and more creative solutions to my clients.  I’m really excited to have Midori join Seven Degrees, here’s what she has to say.

As part of the Seven Degrees team, Midori will be contributing to the blog. She will be sharing her insights on technology and bringing her own personality to the blog. Additionally, in the next several weeks we will be launching Ladies Love Tech Talk, an internet-based show designed to empower people to love technology.

Midori will continue to serve as CEO and Chief AV Girl at Pulse Staging and Events and they will serve a strategic partner for Seven Degrees when it comes to all things audio visual. Midori is going to be one busy woman!

Please join me in welcoming, Midori “GreenA_V” Connolly to the Seven Degrees team.