Put Social Media Down and Meet People.

February 3, 2012

I just got home from lunch with my friend Jeff who I met through…social media. Jeff connected with me several months ago through an industry hashtag and suggested that we meet. Actually, he suggested that we have a tweetup which ended up being just us. We quickly became friends and I always enjoy his insight on business, events and life in general.

Our friendship is the goal of social media. Social media is not designed to foster relationships that only live online. Its goal is to produce meaningful connections that lead to REAL LIFE meetings. Its designed to lead to BUSINESS. Its not designed to be a crutch that prevents you from getting out there and meeting people.

Yes, many relationships form online and social media is an excellent catalyst for leads. I’ve booked many clients simply from my online activity. I have people whom I consider friends and have never met face-to-face. I have wonderful conversations, learn interesting things and teach others what I know…all through social media.

However, social media can’t be everything. We as human beings need human connection – the kind that we can hug, shake hands with and share a cup of coffee with.  We need to be exposed to pheromones. We need eye contact. We need reality.

Every tool has a purpose and social media creates opportunities. Learn to use social media to expand your network and then figure out how to spend quality time with friends/colleagues/prospects/clients.

Guaranteed to taste better when shared with friends!

It’s the Super Bowl this weekend. Take some time off of FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and spend it with friends or family. And if you are having a party, invite a new friend, maybe even someone that you met on social media.  Don’t worry, Facebook will still be there next week. Oh and if you want to invite me to your Super Bowl party, I’m happy to being the vodka-soaked gummy bears. Check out this recipe that I found on Pinterest.