June 26, 2011


What's Your Routine?

As I was about to write this post I noticed that it will make post #100. That seems like quite an accomplishment, yet we have so much more to share.  I haven’t been writing as much as I had been. It’s not because I have been less motivated, but because I fell out of the routine.  My life has been a bit hectic lately (more so than usual) and I found myself letting a lot of things fall through the cracks. I haven’t been hitting the gym as much, haven’t been writing as much and stopped counting the number of things that I have made mistakes on.

This week my goal is get back into a routine that will benefit both my business and personal life.  Here are some things that I plan on focusing on. I think they may help you too.

Jessica’s Routine: An Experiment

1. Early morning routine. This is the stuff that I can do before my brain is “on.” It often begins before my eyes are open with my furry feline friend staring at me until I acknowledge her presence.  My routine also includes making my breakfast shake and drinking some water (I’m working on drinking 80 ounces per day so I need to start early).

2. Gym. Sometimes I take evening boxing classes, but generally I prefer to go early and get it out of the way. Plus I have more energy all day after a good workout.

3. Shower. No explanation need.

4. Blog. Blogging actually starts in the shower. I start composing my post in my head so that I can start typing when I sit down at the computer. My goal is to get started writing before I find other distractions.

5.  Read Facebook and Twitter.  I always like to check in on my friends and read a few articles to get my day started. I try to post positive messages and share a few interesting articles in order to add value to my network. I try to spend about five – seven minutes engaging on Twitter as well.  As part of my social media time, I will share my latest blog post with my community.  I check in on LinkedIn every few days so I add that into the mix two – three times a week.

6. Check email. This one is tough.  Rather than checking email first thing and getting distracted, I am moving this down on my to do list.

7. Review daily to-do list. It’s not only important to review the list, but to update it anything new that resulted from an incoming email.

8. Work. This can be so many things. For me it’s working on current client projects, making phone calls, preparing presentations, working on business development plans.

9. Mid-day social media check-in. I pop into social media about three times a day. In the morning, afternoon and evening. If there is a scheduled Twitter chat, I may be on my frequently. During this time I usually find links to a number of articles so I get some of my reading done during this time. There are so many blogs to read that it can be hard to filter. If I actually read every blog that I like, nothing else would ever get done. Instead, I look to my social networks to suggest interesting and relevant items to read. I still try to get my must-reads in like Mashable and  TechCrunch.

10. Back to work. Sometimes social media can suck one in and take a lot of time. I try to pop in, get some knowledge, engage and get out.

11. Life.  What’s this? Oh, it’s the stuff that happens when we aren’t working. Even for the workaholics out there, it’s important to make time to enjoy a meal with friends or family, do a little shopping, hit a few golf balls or even veg-out in front of the TV. This time might also be spend on running errands, paying bills or any other boring life activity. It all has to get done, right?

12. Reading.  I’ve found it is easier to read books right before bed. I try to get some business reading in, but find that sometimes my brain just wants good ole’ fashioned fiction. Thirty minutes a night is my goal.

13. Bed.

14. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

So what do you think of my routine? Is it too ambitious? Too unrealistic? What are your tips for getting it all done?