Seven Ways You Know You Travel A Lot.

June 1, 2011

I get giddy over the little things. Like free toothpaste.

Today I start a new life as an entrepreneur. I’m on my way to Chicago to speak to the group at Destination Showcase with Midori. We will be covering Social Technology 101 and a higher-level session on Event Engagement.

Last night I managed to pack my bags in under ten minutes. This was record time for me. No matter how much I travel, packing next seems to get easier. So ten minutes for an overnight trip made me pretty happy.

After doing a brief happy-dance, I started thinking about travel. I do love it and rarely complain about being on the road. Sure, I get envious of the people walking through the airport in flip flops and beach hats and wish that I was headed to Cancun instead of Chicago, but I love getting out, meeting new people, sharing and learning.

That said, I have made a few observations about traveling a lot that I would like to share. Today is a big day for me and I wanted to keep this post light-hearted.

Seven Ways You Know You Travel A Lot

1. You quickly notice when TSA makes yet another change to security screenings and naturally start thinking of ways that you would have done it differently.

2. You know which airports have the most automated restrooms and how many touch points there are. Always helpful for the germaphobes like me.

3. You know when to bring a snack because the airport food options are limited or where you can find some great dining options and actually look forward to them.

4. You know that Hyatt gives out travel-toothpaste and that the trash bins at most Hiltons are too skinny to be of much use.

5. You understand your frequent flier program a little too well and will take a year-end flight just to hit the next level.

6. You know exactly where to find power outlets at airports that you frequent and stalk them like a cat stalks its prey.

7. You saw the movie Up In The Air and shook your head agreement. Been there, done that.

There are so many other observations about travel that I could make, but I’d love to hear yours.