Shut Up and Be Nice!

November 30, 2017

Yesterday I shopping was in Target and heard someone wish ill upon their friend. I didn’t hear the first part, but she said “I hope next time you fall and hurt yourself.” She said it with a hint of sarcasm, but it stopped me in my tracks. We hear stuff like this all the time and we accept it as a joke or humor. But it’s not. It’s not good for your karma and it’s not good for your inner peace.

It happens all the time. Someone cuts us off in traffic and we curse them. You get in a fight with your spouse and call them a four-letter word. Really? Is that necessary?

In the political climate we live in, attacking others has become a way of life. Name calling, once reserved for the playground, is commonplace if you read the comments on most any article found on the internet.

In the litigious society we have found ourselves in, people hire attorneys and threaten lawsuits without blinking an eye. And attorneys often handle business matters on the offensive – even when it’s not required.

This. All of this. PISSES ME OFF. Why can’t we just be nice to our fellow humans? Are you perfect? I’m not perfect. When we are afraid of getting yelled at or admonished for our work, for our ideas, for anything, we tend to not communicate. We hide what we are working on or we don’t elevate a problem until it’s too late. Then if we are afraid to make mistakes, we don’t try. When we don’t try, we don’t fail or learn from those failures. But I get it. people can be mean and judgy.

What can we do to be kinder in a world filled with so much mean?

Communicate more – not by text or email, but by phone and in person.

Never wish harm on anyone. Ever.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Did they have a bad day? Just because they are a bad driver, do you really think they are a bad person?

Always say please and thank you.

Defend those being picked on.

Assume people mean well. They don’t always, but most do. It will make you softer.

Do something nice for someone that they didn’t expect. Someone you know, a stranger. Kindness is contagious so start spreading it around.