Taking Social To The Next Level

May 2, 2016

GMIDanthem1-300x218“Businesses do business with people,” you may have heard this one before or you may have read it on our website.  At Seven Degrees Communications, we believe in the value of relationships and that businesses do business with people, not robots or automatic machines. That’s the same belief we instill in our client’s everyday practices.  Since the early 2000s, social media has been an effective relationship building tool.  In fact, our Seven Degrees Communications team often considers social media to be the “seventh degree” to the Six Degrees of Separation concept.  We often coach our clients on creative ways that they can use social media to engage with their prospective audience to build leads and media opportunities. Recently, we worked with team building company SongDivision on a campaign designed to attract the attention of event professionals worldwide as well as build a relationship with them.  Through the use of both social media, existing “real-world” relationships and live-streaming app Periscope, this campaign was effective and demonstrated the value of today’s modern day technology.

CASE STUDY: SongDivision’s Global Meetings Industry Day Anthem

SongDivision is a corporate team-building company that brings meetings to life through music. We have been working with SongDivision on their social media presence and wanted to work with them on a campaign to drive engagement, attract attention and build valuable relationships with the events community.  Our idea was simple – let’s give back by getting meeting and event planners from around the globe to help write anthem for the inaugural Global Meetings Industry Day Anthem on Periscope.

Event professionals including media, planners, and suppliers alike were invited to take part in SongDivision’s virtual and interactive songwriting session on February 25th, about six weeks before GMID was scheduled to take place. The song writing session was promoted via Facebook Events, through paid social media ad and directly through the events industry associations including the umbrella organization, the Convention Industry Council.  The live songwriting session took place from the Metropolis Studios in London during an event with planners onsite and was broadcast through the live-streaming application Periscope.  Approximately 80 event professionals took part in writing the song, contributing chords, lyrics and musical genre.  They engaged in conversation over the Periscope messaging system and showed their love in a constant flow of hearts.

Following the session, the song was was fine-tuned, produced and recorded then distributed to all of the event industry associations to be shared at GMID events worldwide.  The song was shared publicly via social media and played at many of the GMID events across the globe.  The song received positive reviews from industry publications and a event production company in Canada even dubbed their own version of the anthem.

This campaign is an example of how today’s modern-day technology has the capability of attracting the attention from people in different cities, states, countries, and continents. SongDivision used social media appropriately to get in front of the right audience and, as a result, were positioned as leaders in interactive group songwriting.  When using social media, it’s important to break from the noise on the social platforms by being creative and inclusive and the GMID Anthem helped SongDivision do just that.

Ask how you can stand apart from the noise and make the most of today’s social platforms.