Celebrating Three Years of Grateful.

May 2, 2012

Today Seven Degrees celebrates three years of business.  The story goes that I had a client so I needed a company and the company was born.  When I look back at the ups and downs and the lessons that I have learned, there are so many things that my readers might benefit from knowing.

  • I could tell you that it is important to invest in your company.
  • I could tell you that you should take a mental break from time to time.
  • I could tell you that you have to spend time working on the business, everyday.
  • I could tell you that social media works.
  • I could tell you that you need your coopetition.
  • I could tell you that being nice to people is an important thing. In business and in our personal life.
  • I could tell you that there will be good days and bad days and that you learn something everyday.

I could you so many things about what I have learned over the last three years.  But what I really have learned is to be grateful everyday. The plain truth is that I wouldn’t be anywhere without my amazing network of supporters and for this I thank you!

So this post is dedicated to Midori, Jeff, Mike, Jeff, Dave, Don, Mike, Billy, Jim, Peter, Sally, Anca, Vicki, Kelly, Carol, Pam, Andrew, Eric, Katie, Christina, Graham, Jen, Rich, Deirdre, Carree, and I forgot you, forgive me, I suck.

Thanks for believing in me, Midori, in Seven Degrees and in connecting through technology.