Celebrating Eight Years of Seven Degrees Communications

May 2, 2017

Today, Seven Degrees Communications celebrates our 8th anniversary, and I could not be more proud of what we’ve built. The idea of helping people to connect with one another about their products and services while developing great, mutually beneficial relationships has become central to our flexible approach to marketing communications.

Over the last eight years, our roster of services has grown to encompass social media marketing, PR and event planning, as well as content development, technical writing and graphic design.

When I first started this company, I knew that I could help clients navigate what was then the relatively young world of social media to help build their networks. What quickly became apparent, though, is that social media was not a stand alone service and belonged as an integral part of a marketing plan.

The biggest evolution is how we work with our clients.  It took us awhile to realize that the best way for us to help our clients succeed was to function as an outsourced marketing department, with myself in the role of CMO. We work as an extension of a company, as an integral part of the leadership team. We manage relationships on their behalf, represent them at public events, and help create and maximize the impact of the most strategic business connections.

You may be wondering, why would someone want to outsource an entire marketing department?

Here are a couple of key reasons:

  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – Many companies want the expertise of a CMO but can’t afford to hire someone at the level of experience they require. We offer access to executive level talent along with an entire creative, tech and support team at an affordable monthly rate, designed with budget in mind.
  • AUTHORITY – Many executives don’t have the time or the desire to create a marketing plan and manage its execution. As a CMO for hire, I come to the table as a partner, with an informed perspective based on over 20 years of industry experience, ready to advise on the best course of action with a plan to implement it.
  • FLEXIBILITY – With a varied suite of services capable of addressing specific needs, we bring to the table whatever resources are required, implemented by a hand picked team. Once we sign on, we do what it takes to manage marketing initiatives, campaigns and events, even if that changes from month to month.
  • INTERDEPENDENCE – When companies partner with Seven Degrees Communications, they engage our collective creativity, wisdom, experience and judgment. They can rest assured that our team is on the case, a steady presence in front of as well as behind the scenes, coordinating with them and working on their behalf.

Of course, we still work on smaller projects and with organizations that have marketing teams, but this approach has been great for many businesses.

As things have changed over the last eight years, we’ve adapted. We hope that the next eight years will be as full of adventure and accomplishments as the last. As always, we express our sincere gratitude for those who have trusted us with their business and friendship.

If we haven’t yet had the pleasure of collaborating, let’s have a conversation about how we can help you with your marketing and communications. Who knows? It might be the start of a beautiful partnership.

Happy Connecting!