Dancing in Parking Lots.

December 2, 2011

Party Rock is in the House Tonight...

Warning, this post is very random in nature. My friend Melissa introduces me to people saying “This is Jessica, she is social media.” Clearly, I am not social media, but it’s nice to hear that. Melissa knows that she might appear in a blog post from time to time and here is one of those times.

This week was stressful and while I always maintain my positive attitude, sometimes spending time with girlfriends is just the remedy I need to keep me in a happy state.  Tonight, Melissa invited me to our favorite BYOB Italian joint, Carmen’s.  We love going there because the owner Sal always chats with us, makes us special dishes and treats us like families and our favorite waiter, Mike,  joins us for a drink every now and then. It’s really just one of those places that make you feel like you live in a small town and hope that Guy Fieri will role in with his Camero and film crew to shoot an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. You know the kind of place.

Tonight we made friends with people at the table next to us.  I don’t even know how, but by the end of the night we were sharing wine and Sambuca with people who were strangers moments earlier.   We chatted about family, work and life.  At some point someone started singing Park Rock Anthem by LMFAO as Christmas music played in the background.  As we all walked out to our respective cars, our new friends turned on their car and started blasting the song we all were just singing.  Spread out in an empty strip-mall parking lot, we erupted into our own dance party without a care in the world. As the song ended, we got in our cars and drive away.

So what’s the point of me sharing my evening with my readers? There is no business purpose.  I just wanted to remind everyone that sometimes you need to spend time with good friends, be open enough to make new ones and to dance like no one is watching.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!