‘Tis the Season to Provide Great Service

December 1, 2011

If you are like me, you do most of your holiday shopping (or any shopping) online. I avoid brick-n-mortar stores like the plague. This week I need to pick up a few things and had some wonderful experiences.  I also dealt with a few people who went above and beyond their job description. The goal of this post is to serve as a reminder to everyone to be kind, do your best and make the world a better place. As you navigate through the end of 2011, how can you end the year on a positive note? How can you make a difference in your business by changing your attitude.

1. Dollar Tree.  This week I had to pick up a few things for an event that I am working on.  I love dollar stores because, well, for obvious reasons. I dread going to the store near me because it is usually so crowded and people fight in line (I swear I have witnessed this). On Monday I popped in for a few things. I was pleased to find short lines and no crowd.  When I got to the front  of line, the cashier was so darn happy.   She was helpful, nice and so positive. I wish I got her name to give her recognition, but I did remember to thank her for making an impact on my day. She simply said she loved helping people and loved life.  Her attitude stuck with me all week and I wanted to pass it along as a reminder that attitude goes a long way and you never know whose day you will make brighter.

2. Temp Control. In addition to a few shopping excursions,  this week involved getting a new hot water heater installed in my house. My friend, Shai, (former neighbor) owns the HVAC company and always helps me out.  This time I called him when I knew it was time to fix the heater.  It turns out that Shai was really sick with the flu this week and sent one of his employees to help me out.  When it turned out to be a two-man job, Shai showed up and fixed the problem.  He was clearly not feeling well, but didn’t want me to have to go without hot water.  When the water company needed to be called, he made sure to tip the guy who showed up and let him know that he appreciated his time.  Shai not only provided me with great service, but also took care of other people. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but it really stood out to me as someone who is focused on the customer experience.

3. Party City. Tonight I needed something for an an event and called my local Party City store to see if they had it.  The guy told me yes and that he would call me back with more information.  Within minutes he called with multiple options, pricing and told me that he had the products waiting for me at register five. When I walked into the store, he had two options for me which were exactly what I needed and I was in and out  of the store in minutes. It was totally unexpected and very much appreciated.

4. Mike.  Mike is a part of the 7D team. He helps with administrative stuff while he learns the business.  Mike’s work is flawless and he always looks for ways to make our lives easier.  While we worked with great virtual assistants in the past, we met Mike while working at an event. He wants to be in the events business and is willing to put in the time while he is learning.  It’s very refreshing to work with someone who works hard to support our goals. Mike has the same type of work ethic as everyone else in this post and I wanted to recognize that.  Attitude makes a difference.

So, how does this relate to you?  Do you go above and beyond to help your clients, members or attendees? Do you do things that are not asked of you, but that you know will help others?  It’s really easy to be lazy, it takes effort to make a difference….or does it?  Does it take more energy to be positive? 

As we enter the season of giving, I felt it was important to share these stories.  Please share yours.