Do As I Say, Not As I Do

October 18, 2009

As a marketer and business consultant, it is always easy to tell people what to do. You need to blog. You need to tweet. Did you send follow-up notes to new people that you met? It’s so much easier to do these things for other people as a consultant then it is to do them for yourself.

As I am in the process of building this very website that you are reading, populating it with content, there are a number of other things I should be doing to build my business. The funny thing is, when I chat with other marketing consultants, they all say the same thing. We all spend extra hours at night and on the weekends helping clients build their businesses. We lecture about the importance of creating a strong, consistent brand. We preach the importance of sharing expert knowledge with clients and prospects. And yet I wonder…why do we struggle to do these things for ourselves?

Many of the best website designers struggle with their own sites. Many of the most creative writers lack their own blogs. Many strategic planners never completed their own business plan.

What do clients think of this? Has anyone asked their clients? Does anyone care? Does anyone have time?

What tools do we need to become more proactive in our own business and less reactive. How can we run our business the way we would suggest that our clients run theirs?