Morning Routine 2.0

October 19, 2009

What is the first thing you do in the morning? In the old days, I would wake, brush my teeth, shower and then eventually check email, voicemail and begin my day.

Things are different these days. My alarm clock is attached to my Blackberry Storm. When that goes off, I open my eyes and check my latest overnight emails. Then I do a quick view of the latest overnight Facebook posts. Usually by this time my cat is nudging me for attention and is slightly insulted by my lack of attention.

After completing my morning hygiene routine, I hit the laptop. Once again checking email and Facebook – important things might have occurred in the last 30 minutes. Then I open Tweetdeck (my Twitter reader of choice), scan the morning tweets, post a few replies, a good morning message and read a few article. It’s almost time to begin my work day. But, not before I open my friend Digsby to connect to all of my instant messaging services.

When did life become so complicated? How many tools and gadgets do we need? At what point does 24/7 connectivity become unproductive? What does the future hold for communication? Please share your thoughts.