How to Be a Mentor.

March 22, 2011

Last month I wrote a post about whether or not a person needs a mentor, coach or friend. This morning I read Midori Connolly’s wonderful post about her journey seeking a mentor.  Today I will share my thoughts on what I think are the qualities of a good mentor.

  1. Mentor someone who you like and who have chemistry with.  Mentorships that are forced often fail because of personality differences.
  2. Be available. Most mentors lead busy lives. In order to be a good mentor, you need to make time for your mentee. Scheduling time to talk is always helpful, but there will always be times when they need an unplanned talk.
  3. Br proactive. Don’t wait for a mentee to reach out. Check-in on them from time to time.
  4. Share your experiences, both good and bad. Mentees look up to mentors, but need to see both success and failures.
  5. Learn from your mentee as much as they learn from you.
  6. Give advice, but help them find their own way.
  7. Be objective, but be a cheerleader.
  8. Never become jealous of your mentee or their success. Never hold them back.
  9. Know when it is time for them to find a new mentor. Sometimes we can only help people grow so much.  It’s okay, though. You can always stay their friend.
  10. Make sure that you have a mentor of you own!

Are you a mentor? What do you do to help your mentee?  If you have a mentor, what do you like most about the relationship?