Let it Snow

January 10, 2019

Don’t hate me, but I want it to snow.  I want it to snow for days and days.   You see, I own Got A Guy NJ, and we plow driveways when it snows.

Here’s the thing.  As a native Floridian, I’m a fan of beaches and flip-flop weather.   I’m terribly uncoordinated and the thought of trudging around in the white stuff isn’t appealing.  At. All. As a general rule, I’m not a fan of cold weather.

But, my perspective has changed.  Now that snow has become an important source of income, I embrace it. I cherish it.  I love it.

Old me would be thanking the stars for the unseasonably warm days we’ve been experiencing in the Northeast.   New me has been praying to all the goddesses and doing a snow dance every morning.

My situation changed and made me see snow from a whole different standpoint.    Crazy isn’t?

Imagine what would happen if we put ourselves in the shoes of others.   How would we change our minds?