Reaching Out.

March 25, 2011

Today I learned that my neighbor passed away. She lived across the hall from me for seven years. I spoke to her twice. Twice.  I don’t even know what her name was. She was an older woman who kept to herself.  I felt sad that I never said more than a few words to her.

It got me thinking that there are often opportunities that we miss to create relationships. How many times do we encounter people who seem insignificant at a first meeting, but end up being a huge part of lives? What about the people that we never meet? How would they have potentially impacted us?

This non-experience has made me consider how I meet people and how I want to meet people in the future. I am vowing to talk to someone new each day. I want to develop new relationships and never wonder how someone could change my life. You never know when you will meet a new friend, new colleague or new client. We must talk to people to build our business and grow ourselves.

So to my neighbor, who I will never know, I dedicate this post and will try and so better.