Techy Tools That Are Better Than Cake: Episode 1

June 5, 2010

On Friday I spoke to the NJPSMG group about emerging technologies. The session was basically about the cool tools that use in my daily routine and some that I want to try. My co-presenter, Lisa Kanda, introduced me to a few new ones as well.

I thought it would be fun to highlight these tools in a series of blog posts. For those that know me well, they know that I love cake in all formats. Therefore, any tool that makes this list must be great. If you have any tools that you use and would like me to feature, please comment below.

Today I will start with a simple, free tool called Meetings Wizard. This tool is life changing for anyone that has ever tried to coordinate a conference call, meeting or even a social event with multiple people.

Meeting Wizard allows the organizer to select a number of dates and time and sends an email to the potential attendees to verify their eligibility. Everyone responds and Meeting Wizard creates a grid so that the organizer can see what date and time works best for the group. It also lets people add comments so that if, for example, they are free at 1pm, but would prefer 3pm they can indicate so.

The free website also allows the organizer to confirm the time and send an email letting the attendees know the schedule. It also sends reminders to the attendees prior to the meeting.

This is a very simple tool, but it makes coordinating individual schedules a cinch! It’s free, easy to use and it’s my first suggestion for Techy Tools That Are Better Than Cake!