Techy Tools That Are Better Than Cake: Episode #2

July 5, 2010

Last night at a July 4th BBQ, a group of guests were discussing technology. I listened as one enthusiastic party-goer explained a number of tools to an interested, but much less informed friend. I was partially listening as I heard the conversation move to the topic of Dropbox. I quickly whipped out my Droid and demonstrated what the other person had been trying to explain for the last five-minutes.

My latest favorite tool is the online file sharing and back-up program, Dropbox. This is one of the easiest tool to use and seamlessly allows files to be stored and shared on the “cloud” and accessed from any machine that the Dropbox software is installed on. I use Dropbox on my PC, Mac, Droid and on my newest toy, the iPad.

Dropbox makes it easy to share large files with others without clogging up email servers. So even if you aren’t interested in using it for primary back-up, this functionality alone makes it worth checking out.

What’s even greater about Dropbox is that in addition to it being so easy to use, it is free-cheap, depending on your needs. A basic account is free and the largest account, which can store 100 GB of data, is less than $20/month.

Dropbox now has over 14 million users which suggests that it has some staying-power. This tool is perfect for small businesses that need to make sure that they have a solid back-up mechanism and great for personal computers for saving valuable information like family photos.

What can I say? I love this app that might just be better than cake! If you are using this app, share your experiences here.