Techy Tools That Are Better Than Cake: Episode 1

June 5, 2010

On Friday I spoke to the NJPSMG group about emerging technologies. The session was basically about the cool tools that use in my daily routine and some that I want to try. My co-presenter, Lisa Kanda, introduced me to a few new ones as well.

There is a Reason Why They Call It Social.

April 6, 2010

If you look up the word “social” on Wikipedia, it says: The term Social refers to a characteristic of living organisms (humans in particular, though biologists also apply the term to populations of other animals). It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary.

Making History, Unconference Style

February 7, 2010

Growing up, the best part of my childhood was the time that I spent at summer camp. Camp allowed me to be myself. Camp was informal, a refreshing break from the structured learning during the school year. Camp left me with lifelong friends and lessons that I will never forget. From camp fires to swimming lesson to late-night talks after it was “lights out,” camp left me with memories that will stay with me forever. As an adult, I have often longed for that type of camaraderie and environment.

Event Camp 2010: This is Our Story

January 16, 2010

In mid-2009, Christina Costerasked if anyone involved in the Twitter group, #Eventprofs, was interested in producing an unconference for event professionals. With a lack of low-cost meetings for the meetings industry, I jumped at the idea. After several planning calls with Christina, Jeff Hurt, Mike McAllen and Mike McCurry, Event Camp 2010 was born.