Seven’s Sunday Suggestions.

April 3, 2011

Since it is Sunday and a day that a lot of people use to catch up on reading, I am sharing some of my favorite blogs. Most of these are written by friends who influence me. There are so many blogs out there to read and so little time to do it.  If I read…

Techy Tools That Are Better Than Cake: Episode #2

July 5, 2010

Last night at a July 4th BBQ, a group of guests were discussing technology. I listened as one enthusiastic party-goer explained a number of tools to an interested, but much less informed friend. I was partially listening as I heard the conversation move to the topic of Dropbox. I quickly whipped out my Droid and demonstrated what the other person had been trying to explain for the last five-minutes.

Techy Tools That Are Better Than Cake: Episode 1

June 5, 2010

On Friday I spoke to the NJPSMG group about emerging technologies. The session was basically about the cool tools that use in my daily routine and some that I want to try. My co-presenter, Lisa Kanda, introduced me to a few new ones as well.