Social Technology

Twitter: Three Years Later

July 9, 2011

I am pretty good at remembering dates so it seems logical that I would remember my three-year Twitterversary. I can’t remember how I first found Twitter, although I am pretty sure that I was on the popular social-networking site before Oprah was. When I first joined on July 9, 2008, there was little direction and…

Seven Benefits of Mobile Apps for Events

June 28, 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of moderating a panel with some of the best thought leaders when it comes to Mobile Applications and Technology for Events.  Panelists at PCMA’s Education Conference included Michelle Bruno, Johnnie White, Mike Immerwahr and Trevor Roald. Each panelist brought a unique perspective to the discussion and it was clear…

How NOT to be a Thought Leader.

April 13, 2011

I was recently at a networking event that was a roundtable-style discussion. Sitting next to me was a man who worked in sales for a major brand. His job is to develop relationships and to make his company look good. As people went around the room introducing themselves, a group of students were introduced. He,…

Seven’s Sunday Suggestions.

April 3, 2011

Since it is Sunday and a day that a lot of people use to catch up on reading, I am sharing some of my favorite blogs. Most of these are written by friends who influence me. There are so many blogs out there to read and so little time to do it.  If I read…

A Little Facebook Tip on a Sunny Saturday!

March 19, 2011

Today I have just a short post, a quick and friendly suggestion. Facebook is usually considered the most personal of all the social networks. A lot of people only add people they have a personal connection with. So, if you don’t have friends in common with someone or share a pre-established relationship, you should always…